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CA-752404-A: Production of novel heterocyclic compounds and products thereof patent, CA-753044-A: Sanitary double wall bag patent, CA-754198-A: 1,2-dichlorodifluorocyclopentene-3,5 dione as nematocidal toxicant patent, CA-754831-A: Dispenser for washing machines patent, CA-755164-A: Polyesters and their preparation patent, CA-7551-A: Machine for sharpening mower knives patent, CA-755603-A: Electrochemical cell patent, CA-755617-A: 9.beta.,10.alpha.-STEROIDS AND METHODS OF PRODUCING THE SAME patent, CA-755827-A: Power transmitting gearing with full floating gear elements patent, CA-756909-A: Retractable seat belt construction patent, CA-757741-A: Speed control circuit for multi-speed electric motors patent, CA-757910-A: Utilitarian furniture structure patent, CA-758157-A: POLY-.alpha.-OLEFIN COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING THIONOPHOSPHINE SULFIDE patent, CA-758298-A: Cutting yarns, fabrics and other textile materials patent, CA-759125-A: Fuel cells having a solvated ion exchange resin membrane as the electrolyte patent, CA-759778-A: Brake cylinder assembly with continuously acting slack adjuster patent, CA-75-A: Improvement on churn patent, CA-760033-A: Radio frequency seal patent, CA-76101-A: Wire grip patent, CA-761103-A: Microwave heating apparatus patent, CA-761882-A: Method and apparatus for electrostatic deposition of coating materials patent, CA-762643-A: Floor conditioner patent, CA-763137-A: Imitation pocket handkerchief patent, CA-764697-A: Tuning device with push-buttons patent, CA-766875-A: Guard device for pressure responsive instruments patent, CA-767895-A: Chain saw sharpening device patent, CA-768762-A: Magnetic heating and supporting device for moving elongated metal articles patent, CA-768951-A: Surface-modifying treatment of shaped articles patent, CA-769163-A: Current-limiting fuse precluding overshoot of the let-through current peak over the fusing current peak patent, CA-769343-A: Writing instrument patent, CA-770540-A: Process and device for stripe coating of webs of material patent, CA-77156-A: Draft rigging patent, CA-772679-A: Glass finishing composition patent, CA-7731-A: Improvements on the preservation of food patent, CA-773449-A: Bearing assembly patent, CA-773997-A: Method for forming composite board patent, CA-774621-A: Purification of halothane patent, CA-774751-A: Method for producing impedance logs using seismographic techniques patent, CA-777094-A: Coating of sheet materials patent, CA-777229-A: Adhesive subbings for polyester and cellulose ester films patent, CA-777587-A: High speed reverse for backgage patent, CA-777726-A: Substituted hydrouracils patent, CA-777729-A: Method of pelletizing ores patent, CA-778490-A: Polymers of tetrafluoro- and chlorotrifluoro-ethylene epoxides patent, CA-779110-A: Tamper proof closure patent, CA-779386-A: Processing polybutadiene patent, CA-779748-A: Cleaning and deaerating paper pulp suspensions patent, CA-779774-A: Plastic closure patent, CA-77989-A: Methode de convertir le bois et autres matieres celluleuses en sucre et alcool patent, CA-780165-A: Method of removing a wellhead assembly from the ocean floor patent, CA-780206-A: Adjustable cup dispenser patent, CA-780226-A: Electric mixer patent, CA-780494-A: Method of preparing haloalkyl iodides patent, CA-780541-A: Primary electric cell patent, CA-78151-A: Shaft mounting patent, CA-781584-A: Single-phase electric motors patent, CA-781904-A: Resin-drug compounds patent, CA-782571-A: Antibiotic patent, CA-782963-A: Tanning process patent, CA-78365-A: Procede pour le traitement du minerais patent, CA-783874-A: Name plates patent, CA-784430-A: Metal toe boxing for shoes patent, CA-784978-A: Printing apparatus patent, CA-785691-A: High temperature injection system patent, CA-785701-A: Method and apparatus for bending glass sheets patent, CA-786632-A: Thermal soak zones by fluidized fractures in unconsolidated, petroleum producing reservoirs patent, CA-787176-A: Furniture, especially a piece of child furniture patent, CA-787641-A: Sliding jaw tool with step-by-step actuation by claw lever means patent, CA-787768-A: Headlamp adjusting apparatus patent, CA-787871-A: Vacuum transfers patent, CA-787951-A: Process of preparing alkyl hydroxyalkyl fumarates patent, CA-788564-A: Electric switch head patent, CA-788807-A: Pipe line plugger patent, CA-789101-A: Automatic toll ticketing system patent, CA-789428-A: Convertible tandem suspension system for a semitrailer patent, CA-790475-A: Locking and sealing devices patent, CA-790507-A: Uranium dioxide sols patent, CA-790799-A: Method of producing semiconductor components patent, CA-790870-A: Apparatus for manufacturing carriage rails patent, CA-790886-A: Tool for broaching spline notches into bolt or shaft threads patent, CA-791622-A: Well treatment to remove permeability block patent, CA-792202-A: Plastic shortening patent, CA-792248-A: Urea inclusion compounds of n-alkyl oxiranes patent, CA-792861-A: Packaging for telephone multiplex equipment patent, CA-79389-A: Manufacture of fence fabrics patent, CA-793969-A: Lighting circuit for toy vehicles patent, CA-794366-A: Process for the production of new 1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine derivatives patent, CA-794945-A: Electron beam welding patent, CA-795012-A: Safety belt buckle patent, CA-795058-A: Planetary gear axle outer end patent, CA-79518-A: Frein de bicycle patent, CA-796361-A: Separation of aromatics from hydrocarbons patent, CA-796724-A: Hop concentrate and process for preparation thereof patent, CA-7971-A: Carriage shaft aud pole coupling patent, CA-797335-A: Gas-diffusion electrode for electro-chemical generator patent, CA-797748-A: Corrosion inhibition patent, CA-798152-A: Insert for easy opening can end patent, CA-79824-A: Banana shipping case patent, CA-799193-A: Seed planter patent, CA-799546-A: Heat-sensitive visual intelligence recording blank patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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